There has been a lot of blame going around the United States this past year over our dumpster fire of a political climate. Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders. “Illegal” Immigrants. Voters. Those who chose NOT to vote. The GOP. The DNC. Refugees. Anthem kneelers. Tiki carriers. Angry teenagers. Angry coal miners. Protesters. Counter-protesters.

That’s just an off-the-cuff list and that’s a lot of blaming.

I think it’s time though that we address the elephant in the room. There’s been a major instigator in our political problems and truthfully one of the more well-known participants but it never gets called out for it’s audacious behavior.

People, I’m talking about the red hat.

Some have MAGA slogans on them. Some were stolen from Paddington Bear. But they’re all to blame.

They show up on the heads of some of the most sinister and vomit-inducing people. Real life Voldemorts in both male and female form.

And I ask you. Is it the people? Or is it the hats?

What we need is for other civilians who knew these people before they began donning their suspected head-ware to tell us what they were like. They must’ve had neighbors and family, anyone who could give us a clue as to what their personalities were like pre-hat.

And that’s just to start.

Other questions that must be asked are…

Do these hats put specific foul traits into our personalities or do they exacerbate traits that were already lingering minimally beneath the surface? Does it place poor attitudes or merely bring them out in people?

And why are the hats coming after us? Are they trying to take over the human race or are they just in it for simple sadistic laughs?

And…what if the hats aren’t at the helm of this? Could other humans be behind this? Maybe the fashion industry or the almost-extinct haberdashers of the country.

We can no longer ignore what’s right in front of us. It’s time we started asking the tough questions.

Who are these hats?

Where do they come from?

What is their end goal?

Why do they want to make us look so foolish and silly?

And most importantly, how can we stop them?