Reading every day is a necessity. It keeps my mind sharp. It gives my imagination a workout. It’s a crash course in dialogue, setting and plot. It reminds me how to weave a story. It shows me the infinite ways deeper understanding can be achieved.

As a writer, I have to be a reader. It’s part of my job. And an important part at that. It’s research and education and study and application. It’s fundamental. As a human, a good book is a friend. As a writer, a good book is everything.

I’m at my healthiest self, as a human and a writer, when I’m reading. And as part of my self-care and betterment, I wanted to open my heart to new adventures in understanding. I figured the best way to start was by making a list of books that as a reader, a writer, an English major and a human I was upset that I hadn’t yet read.

I’m starting with these fifteen books and moving on from there. Currently, my list is around forty but it could grow to as high as the heavens. Go on a journey of betterment and understanding with me! Maybe you’ve read all of these, so make a list of books you wish you’d already read and let’s get started together!