I feel small. I feel small and insignificant and my words seem insufficient for the events that are taking place in our country right now. White Supremacists, with the aid and support of the most undeserving and corrupt man to ever sit in the Oval Office, are poised to launch themselves into the mainstream of the United States once again.

These men and women who call themselves the AltRight, White Nationalists or White Supremacists are the literal worst part of our society and our DNA. These are a people who should be ranked with pedophiles, child abductors and serial killers in terms of representing the human condition.

And truly, is there anything fundamentally different about these subhuman examples of our genetics? Do you think that a White Supremacist would somehow find the decency within themselves to not harm a child of color? Do you think that they wouldn’t burn them on a cross or tie them to a bumper the way they would an adult with the same traits? Of course not. What would be the point? The AltRight doesn’t see non-caucasian children as children but merely something that needs to be done away with or put in its proper place.

Do you think White Nationalists wouldn’t rape a child just to watch the pain on his or her parents faces? Do you think they wouldn’t kidnap a child and torture him or her just to be able to inflict that kind of anguish on people for the simple reason of not looking more like them?

Do you think these men and women who align themselves with Nazi beliefs and ceremony aren’t serial killers? Is their goal not to do away with people? Do they not take lives that they feel are less important or in their way? Have they not killed multiple people? Why is it we don’t get blunt with our categorization? These people are capable of the exact same things that the offenders with these salacious monikers are and yet we seem to be hesitant to make these connections.

And what of the people who may not become violent with their actions but support the ideas of those that do? What of these bottom-feeding enablers? They are just as culpable. Why should they be treated as anything less than accomplices? How are they not colluders to an unspeakable evil?

Our country has sat idle while we allowed these people to grow in number. They may have stopped using the uniforms of the past: the armbands, the white sheets, etc. But that was simply because they were cowards in hiding. They were too afraid to say who they were in mixed company but those times have come upon us again, as we were distracted patting ourselves on the back for the small accomplishments that we’ve managed.

We are integrated.

Gay marriage is legal.

Women are legally “in charge” of their bodies.

Some list, huh? And yet it has caused careening waves of white Christian males to shout at the top of their lungs that they need to take their country back.

As if this country belonged solely to them.

As if the planetary norm is supposed to be that white Christian males get first dibs on anything and everything.

As if bringing things slightly closer to equality is an affront to their superior genes and egos.

This past weekend in Charlottesville was an undeclared start to a war. It was an AltRight, White Nationalist, White Supremacist move to see how far they could push a nation on the brink of a civil war. And if you don’t think that’s where America is right now, you’re either tremendously naive or in an incredibly hopefully denial.

The size of the civil war is up to us, though. It’s impact can be much stronger than the violence at the heart of it. The only way to keep the predators at bay, however, is to show them the actual fight that they’re up against.

And that means everyone: parents, grandparents, teachers, clergy, kids, artists, historians, environmentalists, bus drivers, restaurants servers, inventors, investors, cartoonists, politicians, law makers, postal carriers, men, women, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, atheists, anyone and everyone.

Everyone with a voice. Whether your voice is heard, seen or read…we need everyone who denounces the evil around them to be as loud as they possibly can. We need a chorus of voices, in every language, using every word and symbol to cover this nation with their belief in the simple truth of equality.

If we don’t, we will lose everything.

We’ll lose our nation but more so than even that…

We’ll lose our heart.

We’ll lose our respect.

We’ll lose our integrity.

And without those things, we ARE nothing.