Normally, I like to think that I have all the answers. Although I certainly haven’t fooled myself into thinking I’m an astronaut or rocket scientist, I do like to think that I know stuff. I do well at Jeopardy. My educated guesses are pretty right on. I tend to figure out who the killer is pretty early in movies or tv shows. And I pick up things fairly quickly, in general. Basically, I’m awesome. 
But, this isn’t that kind of blog post. 
Cause there are just some things that I don’t understand. 
Like, superficial judgement. Whether it has do to with your race or gender or physical appearance, whatever. I don’t get superficial judgement. I don’t understand how just by looking at me, you think you know me. Skinny and fat shaming fall into this category. Thinking people with tattoos are somehow less responsible would fit into this one too. I mean, I just mentioned that I think I’m smart and yet I can promise you that those things don’t help me determine what you’re like. How the fuck do I know what you’re like until I actually talk to you?
And another one. Religion. Judging people on their religion, I just don’t understand. I mean, fuck off. If you know anything about the major religions we’ve got going on, you know that they’re pretty similar in the things they preach. Sure, the stories they use are different but the morals tend to be very close to one another. So, why aren’t religious people just happy that there are other religious people out there? Why aren’t they happy that so many other people share their thoughts on how to live their life while they’re here? Why isn’t being a person of faith something that draws those people together instead of dividing them so significantly so often? 
And along those same lines, why is it that people are so intent on mixing religion and government? The same people that are constantly talking about how the second amendment is woven in gold and shouldn’t have any limits of any kind have no problem disregarding freedom of religion and separation of church and state. How can you claim that one amendment is more important than another like that? And if you start reminding me that there isn’t much ahead of the right to bear arms in the constitution, I’ll remind you that freedom of religion is one of those that is. So given that, why does anyone think it’s okay to force their religion on anyone else? I don’t care how good you think yours is, faith and religion are very personal things and to tell anyone that you should be in charge of how they show their faith and choose to worship is criminal and a personal violation. 
Nextly (Yes, I know that’s not a word, so what), why is it so fucking hard for some people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes? Do we really need to have experienced something in order to be able to determine whether something is shitty or not? How is it that so many people can willfully ignore real problems and issues just because it isn’t affecting them directly? How does it not cause them actual pain to see others in pain? How is this not a thing that everyone deals with? 
Also, why is it the initial reaction of so many to blame the victim? Is the idea of a broken system or fallen hero so horrifying to you that you would chose to stick your head in the sand, or worse, blame the injured party just in order to sleep better at night? And why isn’t blaming the victim keeping you awake? Why does ignoring a real problem put some at ease instead of fighting for what’s right? I understand that ignorance is bliss but what about an outright refusal to admit what you have to know deep down? Is that bliss as well? 
And are there really that many people out there that actually think that their race is a superior race? Cause sometimes it really seems like there are still a lot of people out there like that. Is that just a magnification of the terrible the way that tends to happen with the media or is that still a significant percentage of people? And for those people who truly believe this, how is that even possible? How can anyone actually think that one race is better than another? How can pigmentation mean so fucking much? 
And to that same end, are there also really people out there that think one gender is better than another? Do some feminists really believe women are better than men? Do other people really think that the majority of feminists have this warped view? Do some men really believe that they deserve to earn more for the same level of work? And are there really both men and women who think that the man should be the head of the household and the woman be subservient? And I don’t mean just having traditional roles, I mean actually thinking that the man is the boss of the woman, as if husband replaces father and woman stays a child. 
Here’s another: do most people really believe that their country is better than every other country and the people in it? Do most Americans really believe that they’re better than other people from other places? And not your standard, respectful patriotism but the actual belief that being American means being better? And is the state of our country today not giving you pause in this belief system?
Question: are there really people out there that think that we can make life better for anyone through hate? Are there really people who don’t view hate as a disease that needs to be eradicated? Are there really people left in this world who don’t realize that hate destroys the soul, poisons the heart and decays the brain?
And with that same thought in mind, how does hurting other people not make some people feel terrible inside? How does causing pain in others not make some people wither inside? How can you cause tears in another and not feel a part of you die inside? And how does it seem like some people thrive on this feeling? How can it be that some people get energy from the destruction they cause in others? I was a dick to a guy in the drive-thru of an Arby’s in Los Angeles about five to seven years ago and I still haven’t been able to let it go. I was wrong and I was a dick and my friend told me so and I still feel bad. How is it that there are some people who don’t work this way? 
And finally, how is it that for some people a stranger’s own personal experiences and life choices are so deeply offensive? This one really fucks me up — I just don’t get it. I just don’t understand. And if there’s someone out there that this is true for, please, I beg you — educate me. How is someone else’s life experience — someone that you don’t know, someone who has no bearing on your life — how do their actions and how does their life, in general, become so violently offensive to you? Why do you feel it’s your place to watch them, judge them and then attempt to eviscerate them from afar just because you disagree with the way they classify themselves or the way feel they have to live their life in order to be true to themselves? And you know exactly what I’m talking about here, not serial killing, not theft or torture — but choosing to become a more whole person, from their own perspective. How do you feel it’s your place to take a very real and very painful situation and try to crush the person struggling with their own identity?
So these are just some of the questions I have. These are some of the things I’ve been struggling with, both lately and for a lot of my life. And sometimes it just gets tiring to try and try and try to come up with answers when it seems like so many people don’t have any desire to actually come up with solutions. So, instead I wanted to share my questions and struggles with you, knowing that there are other people out there that have the same things going around in their minds. Maybe together we can work some things out.