I read a post on Facebook today, which yes, was my first mistake. It was about the President and was just some dumb photoshopped sign that wasn’t funny at all. And when I say that it wasn’t funny at all, I don’t mean that I didn’t find it funny because I didn’t agree with the post…I mean I didn’t find it funny because I am in possession of a sense of humor and the post literally had no joke in it. But, of course, a bunch of people “liked” the post — including people I’m friends with — and thought it was totally clever and amusing, I imagine because it involved a church sign that was implying that somehow the President is ungodly or doesn’t believe in the right republican version of God or doesn’t pray the right way or whatever.
Now, I’m not going to even address the content or the fact that Republicans need to fucking put God away when it comes to politics. This country has a separation of Church and State, whether you like it or not, so to bring any kind of religion into the discussion goes against OUR COUNTRY. The country you people won’t seem to shut up about. 
What I am going to address is the multitude of people in the comments who said they wished the President would go die. Him, his wife…I didn’t see mention of his kids but I didn’t scroll through every single comment. 
For anyone who has ever wished someone really and truly dead, someone that’s not Hitler or Pol Pot or something like that, GROW THE FUCK UP. YOU are the PROBLEM. Life is precious. Death cannot be taken back. Every single person on this Earth has someone that loves them and cares about them and thinks that they’re the sun and the moon. Every single person on this Earth has a person that will cry for days and weeks and years because of that loss. 
The fact that you can say or write or express those thoughts about someone is horrific and atrocious. You are beyond childish. You are beyond pathetic. You are beyond evil. You are a festering, decaying mold. You are plaguing the world with your thoughts of death and destruction. You are tearing apart your own life and the happiness of others with your ugly remarks. 
Please, go look in the mirror. Take a long, hard look at yourself. I dare you. Stare at yourself in that mirror for five whole minutes. Think about the hate you spew on a daily basis and watch it land back onto you. 
Quit hiding behind God. You don’t KNOW any more than the rest of us do. Everything that you feel is a hunch, just like the rest of us. You don’t have a direct dial line to the big guy upstairs and you’re not on his fucking email list. Just because you use the word “God” doesn’t mean that everything that you say and do is magic and it most certainly doesn’t mean that everything you say or do in his name is okay. A lot of people have done a lot of REALLY fucking bad things in the name of God and not one single one of those people thought that history would convict them. No. They all were expecting vindication.
Do you really want to be grouped with these people? Do you really want to make that your mark on the world? Cause it is. Here’s the thing, we’re constantly looking for the meaning of life. We’re constantly wondering how it is we’re supposed to change the world. We change the world every day. It’s in the way we interact with each other. We affect people with every single contact. What we say and do helps to shape the people that witness these things. So, when you’re busy putting people down, or telling them they’re going to hell or saying that you wish they were dead…you are helping to chisel away at the foundation of that person and anyone capable of empathy in the surrounding area. That is part of your human legacy. And if you think that I’m exaggerating maybe try looking in that mirror one more time and saying any of the things you say to others at your own reflection. Say it with the vehemence and disgust you normally do. Look yourself in the eye with the raw hatred you so quickly throw around. 
Now, do that daily. See how long it takes you to feel like shit about yourself. See how long it takes you to question yourself. 
Congratulations. That’s your legacy.
And guess what? I still don’t wish you dead.