Dear Press Secretary and all-around Mouthpiece of Terror Sean Spicer,

I hope you know what you’re doing. Seriously. I’m not joking or trying to tease you.

I hope you didn’t take this job lightly.

I hope you didn’t think that taking this job was going to bring you and your family, for generations, anything other than pain, misery and shame.

As someone who makes their living repeating other people’s words, do you agree with the direction our country is headed in? Do you? And with the same level of vehemence that our president and his cronies do? Because, honestly, you better.

In the years and lifetimes to come, your part in this war on equality will not go silent. Your participation in the destruction of our American ethics and values will forever tarnish your legacy and the legacy of your entire family.

If you have kids, I hope they agree with what you’re doing because you are ruining their lives. You are ruining the lives of future family members you haven’t and will never meet. The freedom and anonymity that they’ve come to cherish will never be the same again.

Adolf Hitler isn’t the only evil moniker that survived World War II. He may have led the movement but he is nowhere near the only criminal. And Adolf Hitler isn’t the only name spat out with disgust today.

Your name will join that list.

You have put your face and your mouth at the forefront of this new brand of very old terror. It will never come clean again.

Adolf Hitler
Heinrich Himmler
Joseph Goebbels
Reinhard Heydrich
Josef Mengele
Adolf Eichmann
Hermann Göring
Otto Strasser

Are you ready for your name to join?

Donald Trump
Steve Bannon
Sean Spicer

How’s it looking?

A little black and white photo of you with your mouth open and booming words of hate flowing like charcoal out of your mouth. Can you picture it? I can. We all can.

And soon, we won’t need to. Text books, history anthologies, Wikipedia…it’ll all do the work for us.

Your megaphone of terror will be known the world over if you continue to do “your job”. You will be forever synonymous with propaganda, hate and the destruction of something that was once a beautiful idea.

You will be known as a grim reaper, a death eater, a dementor. Fairy tales will be written with you in mind, trying to teach our children about the horrors of the world and how to stop them while they’re still young enough to be kept safe from filling their heads with the specifics of the truth.

You are a mouthpiece of terror. Your words bring hate and violence. They’ll bring death and destruction…

…to the good people of the world as well as to your family’s name and legacy.