I recently got into a debate on social media with a commenter on my latest blog and I realized that there are a few things people need to get straight. Not all people but I have a feeling this is a shared opinion among Trump supporters and as ludicrous as it may seem to the rest of us, apparently it needs to be gone over.

So, everyone put on their high school thinking caps cause honestly this is something that you shouldn’t’ve graduated without already knowing. It’s not textbook learnin’ kinda stuff but if you go out into world not knowing this…you’re gonna be fucking shit up at some point in your life and probably for a lot of people.

Here we go:

A good deed does not cancel out a bad deed and vice versa.

To be more specific…if you, let’s say, both sexually assault someone and give someone a scholarship, they don’t cancel each other out. People aren’t a fucking math equation. That’s not how it works. Even if you give someone a full fucking ride to Yale or MIT or something, it doesn’t mean you haven’t fucked up a life for someone else. That even includes if both the victim and the blessing recipient are the same person. That’s why when the police find all the jewelry or toys or whatever that Uncle child molester gives a kid, they don’t just let bygones be bygones and drop the whole thing. Uncle child molester is still in major trouble and his poor niece or nephew is not gonna have an easy time of life.

If Trump empowers a woman, it doesn’t detract from the sexual assaults he’s committed (and bragged about, upstanding citizen that he is).

Being friends with a black person doesn’t negate inciting violence towards the African-American community.

Doing business with Mexicans doesn’t negate calling them criminals and rapists.

Meeting with Al Gore once and letting him drone on about the environment (No offense, Al. I voted for you and I appreciate that you’ve found your life’s passion.), doesn’t negate the fact that Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord and thinks that fucking China made up climate change like some goddamn foil-hat wearing lunatic.

Knowing Caitlin Jenner doesn’t cancel out issuing a ban on the transgender in the military.

Not having Steve Bannon as part of your administration anymore doesn’t negate the fact that you’ve already shown your allegiance to white supremacists, white nationalist groups and neo-nazis.


Abed and Troy found out years ago that you don’t get out Kool-Aid stains just by using the opposite color Kool-Aid.

You can try to change your ways. You can turn over a new leaf. You can stop the behavior that was so destructive and self-serving. And these things are all commendable, as long as you’re genuine about them. But you don’t undo things you’ve done just by doing new things. Lives have already been affected. People have already been changed. Wounds already exist.

To be painfully specific…

If Jeffery Dahmer donated one organ to save a life for each of the victims he killed and subsequently ate, he’d still be a fucking fuck-head cannibal serial killer that should be removed from society.

How many people are we going to allow Trump to kill and eat?