I really felt that this topic deserved a second blog just given our state of affairs right now.

I’d like to focus on one core “answer” to the problem of school shootings in The United States: that we arm our teachers.

Now, there’s the obvious first question — where is the money for these guns coming from? We have become so painfully cheap in terms of what we’re willing to spend on our country’s educational system, is the suggestion that the government actually devote more money to schools? Cause I don’t know who’s funding that shit but unless it’s the NRA, it ain’t happening. Is the suggestion that the money needs to be found in the current budget and that we start spending book money on firearms? Are we to start paying our public teachers even less so that every administrator can carry on the job? Or are we going to make our teachers start paying for that bullshit, too? On top of all the supplies they have to provide themselves?

And they’ll all clearly need training. Where’s that money coming from? It’s not just a matter of guns. Every single person will need to be trained. And if someone isn’t a good enough shot, do they get fired? So does firearm training become a requirement of teacher education? Will that be covered in college along with student teaching? Cause they’ll need to carry when their doing that, too.

Will teachers have to get a recertification before each school year? Cause if I were a parent, I would want that. Who’s paying for that?

That’s A LOT of questions about the simple idea of funding and money.

But let’s put that very complicated and expensive information aside.

Here’s what I’d like to know. And if you’re one of the people who suggests armed guards flanking all school at all times, I’d urge you to consider this when thinking about your solution as well.

Is your real suggestion to this problem…is your real first major attempt at handling school shootings to suggest that we shoot a child? I’m not saying that in the midst of a deadly school shooting that you don’t stop the shooter but what I’m specifically asking right here if you actually think that before we try regulating our Militia (see previous blog), before we try putting stricter limitations on the types of weapons we allow civilians to carry, before we reexamine our concealed-carry laws, before we fix Trump’s doing away with our mental health restrictions, before any of that…we should just bee-line to killing a kid?

We don’t try to keep a gun out of that child’s hand?

We don’t try to make it harder for him or her to get familiar with a gun?

We don’t try to set-up a system where a child gets help before it gets to a place this bad?

We don’t try to keep other innocent kids safe from a situation that could put their lives in danger?

We don’t try to keep school from becoming battlefields?

We don’t attempt to keep from scarring thousands of kids who would have to live through these ordeals, no matter what their eventual outcome. No one has to die for someone to develop lifetime PTSD from a school shooting. But we’re not going to try and prevent that?

We don’t stop countless families from the unimaginable pain of losing a child?

Our FIRST course of action is to arm teachers so that they can shoot a child.

I just…I just honestly would ask you to reconsider that “solution”.

I don’t think that should ever be anyone’s first course of action.

I don’t think that we should ever be okay with our children dying.

That doesn’t sound like America to me but it’s definitely the America we’re becoming.

Please…reconsider helping us becoming an America that is so willing to stop a child with a bullet.