I’d like to talk for just a minute to my religious and faithful brethren out there. No matter who you pray to or what God you worship — I’m not trying to single any faith out here. 
There’s a statement, an idea, that I’ve heard all of my life and I’m hearing it being thrown around a lot right now. Most of you can guess the topic which brings out this statement but I’m making a point to not even address the statement in a particular context. I’d just like to talk about the statement itself. 
First off, I’d like to just say that although I’m no longer religious, I don’t have a problem with the concept of this statement, just for anyone thinking that I’m looking to pick apart a common religious sentiment just for the hell of it. 
This is not what’s going on. This is just my half of a discussion that I’d really like to be a part of. And the discussion involves this statement right here:
Now, most of the time when people use this — or at least when they shout it boldly from behind their computer screens — it’s to talk about how something we humans are doing to mess with God’s plan. And that’s the use of the statement that I’d like to address here. 
I would like to quickly preface here that for the sake of this discussion, I’m asking that we all just jump on board with the concept of God. Afterwards, feel free to believe what you like God-wise. We all got that sweet, sweet free will (from God, if that’s what you believe) to make our own choices about our lives and I’m not looking to change any of that.
So, anyway. People, let’s talk about God not making mistakes. 
The thing is, you’re right. God is God. If God is the all-powerful being we believe God is, God does not make mistakes. God has a plan. God doesn’t just “wing it”. And if God does, the winging goes well. God is God. 
So, here’s my two cents:
How dare you question God’s plan? How dare you, a mere mortal, decide what is part of God’s plan and what isn’t? Who are you to decide what God has intended for us? How are you, human, able to so decipher the complexities of God?
Is it instinct you’re using? A hunch you have that something you’re witnessing doesn’t seem “kosher” to you? What exactly are you using as your basis for telling people that GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES? 
Because you’re no more special than the rest of us. You have no finer link to God than everyone else. God made sure we all had the direct dial line. And it’s pretty incredible that you feel that you have better knowledge and vision as to what God has set in motion for us.
And that — that arrogance that you possess that makes you think that you have the ability and the right to pick apart and judge God and God’s plan — is a sin. And it’s a big one. You haven’t refused to go to bed when your parents tell you or decided to watch the game instead of paying a visit to God’s house, you’re questioning God. 
Because, you know what? And this is for real. I mean, really for really real. Please take this next sentiment very seriously. You have no evidence that anything that is happening — at any time — is not part of God’s plan. In fact, God is pretty fucking powerful, so the idea that someone could actually come along and interfere with God’s plan is a little fucking silly if you’re a true Believer. 
So, I guess the question for you is: Are you a true Believer? Are you truly among God’s faithful? Because each and every time you question God like this, you’re essentially saying “you fucked up, God. This shouldn’t be happening. Man is more powerful than you and can change your will whenever he or she likes.” Is that what you’re saying? Is that what you’re trying to tell God?
You are all right, GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES. That’s an impossibility for a Believer. So whatever you’re questioning, whatever it is that seems so ungodly to you, understand that it’s your lack of faith in God’s plan leading you to these statements. Instead ask yourself:
What’s God trying to teach me?
What’s God trying to show me?
How is God making this an opportunity for me to show my strength and love in God’s plan and for all of God’s children?
Because the thing is, God doesn’t make mistakes. God always knows. God is everywhere, in everyone and in everything. God offers us the chance to grow in every situation we’re in: in love, in compassion and in understanding. 
As human beings and Believers, we need to stop questioning God. We need to stop pretending that we can ever possibly understand God. If we believe that God is real (and at least for the sake of this blog that’s what we’re doing) and that God is where we all come from, how could we possibly wrap our heads around everything that God is? It’s just insulting to God to even imply that’s possible. 
And no true Believer is ever looking to insult God. 
So, please, if you’re a true Believer I ask that you stop using the statement GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES to tell other’s that what they’re doing is ungodly. Because, quite frankly, you have no idea. And maybe it’s time we repurpose this phrase and use it at face value and the next time you witness someone passing this kind of judgement onto another person, you can quietly tell them “listen, man. God doesn’t make mistakes. This is all part of The Plan.”