Enough asking questions. Enough using logic. Enough putting together clear, thought-out arguments.

I have one thing to say to Donald Trump and the Trump Administration. It’s a message from a lot of us but if you’re reading this, go ahead and put my name on your list to take the blame for it…

We know what you’re about.

We know what you’re doing.

You don’t care about fake news or alternative facts. You don’t care about statistics or numbers or demographics.

You care about you.

You are an egotist, a narcissist and a sociopath. You are a megalomaniac. You will say anything, do anything, pretend to be anything you need to in order to get what you want.

And what you want is power and money.

There’s no point debating you.

There’s no point trying to prove you’re wrong.

The people with compassion and sense already know the truth. The people who truly believe in doing what’s right know the truth.

You can never be convinced because you have no opinion. You only have greed.

You have no logic or truth or reason. You have no spine or backbone. You only have you. You only have you and greed and desperation for power.

Those people who continue to be loyal, whether in your administration or your inner circle or your fandom, have nothing on us.

We, the many. We, the people. We have everything on our side, while you have nothing. You may sit in your Oval Office, you may tweet as @POTUS on your unsecured phone, you may cut us off and cancel our rights but we are still more powerful than you will ever be.

We are the thinkers.

We are the seers.

We are the lovers.

We are the dreamers.

We are what make the tides turn and the wind howl. We will forever have the power because we are the truth and the light. Wherever you bring darkness, whether in intellect or spirit, we will be there with the flame of enlightenment.