“This is also a mental illness problem,” President Trump said of the mass shootings. “These are people that are very, very seriously mentally ill.

What exactly do people think mental illness is? 

Are you picturing some drooling psychopath that’s drawing up blueprints for his brain extrapolator?

Do you have an imagine in your head of a person with some secret room in their basement where they keep locks of hair and fingernail clippings in a box buried under the floorboards?

Does the term ‘mental illness’ have you thinking of someone living in an attic or a bunker with pictures and articles on the wall and the starting of a manifesto on his desk?

Cause this is what should actually be in your head:

Your mother going to her monthly therapy appointment to talk about the incident from her teens that you don’t even know about but that she thinks about every day. 

Your best friend struggling to go into work because he doesn’t see the point of doing anything anymore. 

Your neighbor who struggles to even venture out into public because of the anxiety attacks it induces. 

Your niece, who throws up after every meal because she thinks she has no value unless she looks a certain way.

Your fellow parishioner who beats themselves up (literally) because they believe that they deserve anything bad that happens to them. 

The vet who just came home with a Purple Heart, who witnessed things that we could never comprehend and who has memories that will FOREVER haunt him or her. 

That guy who always holds the elevator for you in your office building. You don’t know his name and you’ve only ever nodded and smiled at each other but he always holds that door, if he sees you trying to make it. He’s gone through four mergers and each time wonders, if he’ll still have a job when it’s all through. 

Your son or daughter who is afraid—petrified, even—to go to school because every other week this country has a mass shooting and the loudest people among us don’t seem to have even the remotest of intentions of trying to address the real issues surrounding them. 

So, let’s be clear: THAT is the mentally ill. Those people—those normal people—are the mentally ill. Those are the people—WE are the people—who you are throwing under the bus when you say that mental illness and the mentally ill are to blame for these mass shootings. 

And now, let’s be really fucking real about it. You think the guy who struggles to go out in public is shooting up a church? You think the girl who’s bulimic is buying an AK-47? You think your mom is about to go fuck some shit up? Your child?

Because that is what is being said. That is who is being blamed. And just like the actual cause of these mass shootings, the destruction is coming from IGNORANCE that becomes FEAR which becomes HATRED. 

So, please, learn about the things you talk about. Educate yourself on the words that come out of your mouth. We are all responsible for fixing the myriad of problems we have in this country. And it starts with getting the cause of our problems actually straight. 

These mass shootings are being committed by domestic terrorists who thrive on ignorance, fear and hatred. They do not understand the people they are targeting because they’ve never tried. They would rather be comfortable in their fear instead of opening their minds to knowledge. And the adrenaline that comes along with that fear turns into a powerful hatred. A hatred that consumes them. A hatred that fuels them. And a hatred that allows them to think they are justified in removing from the world the people they’ve deemed ‘the problem’. 

And…that’s not mental illness, people, that’s just straight-up, clear as day, totally sane…evil. 

Evil is not a mental illness. And I know cause I looked it up.