This notice went out to Trump supporters along with an accountability survey of the mainstream media.

THIS should worry us all.

“…I don’t trust the media…”

“…you — the American people — are our last line of defense against the media’s hit jobs.”

“You…greatest asset in helping our movement deliver truth to the American people.”

This is POTUS45 setting up his army. An army far more worrisome than one under the guise of the military. An army with more influence, more motivation and way more anger. This is Trump assembling his troops of propaganda warriors, yellow journalist citizens and soldiers of alternative truth.

We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen this very clearly in history.

And his warriors are more than ready to fight. We’ve all seen them. On Facebook. On Twitter. In our families. I’ve seen people who are fighting for the right’s of all humans being publicly torn apart by family members. I’ve watched as people who have chosen to build their government on a platform of hatred, violence, isolation and bullying screech at those trying to stop the madness.

The hypocrisy is palpable.

And if that’s what’s happening out in the open, I can only imagine what’s happening behind closed doors — where the bullies really come out to play. All of us who are witness or recipient to this need to be very aware that we’ve now reached the next level of this war we’re in.

They are officially coming for us.

They’ll say that this is paranoia. They’ll say it’s a scare tactic. They’ll say it’s fear mongering.

We all know it’s not. We mustn’t fall victim to these ploys. We mustn’t allow his army of hate to undermine what we know is true.

Our country and it’s values are at stake.

The people we share this Earth with are in danger. People in this country. People outside of this country. Us.

POTUS45 is working to remove the facts from our daily lives. He’s looking to destroy what we’ve spent centuries building. He’s looking to take us back to the days where one type of person has more power, more rights and more freedoms than the others.

We cannot stop our fight.

We cannot go silent just because we become targets.

We cannot allow things that make our blood go cold to halt our progress.

If I go down during this fight, I know that I will have given myself to the greater good. If I lose people because I won’t get off the front lines, then so be it. I answer to myself and to what my soul and conscience know is right. You can call that God or whatever word or name is most comfortable for you. The moniker doesn’t matter to me — only the love and acceptance that I find there does.

“But I can’t do it alone. I need you by my side, supporting our message and doing your part to get the truth to the American voter.”

His call to action for his followers is a call to action for us as well. We must stand up to hate and bigotry. We must stand up to racism and bullying. We must stand up to sexism and every other -ism out there that works to make perfectly good people out to be less than their fellow human beings.

No matter who tries to stop us — be it a President, a soldier, a stranger or family.